Amundi Australia, my trusted investment partner

Amundi Australia, wholly-subsidiary of Amundi, established in 2007 in Sydney, provides tailored investment solutions for institutional investors based on two principles: 

  • Customised portfolio construction resulting from an in-depth dialogue with the Institution and its Investment Consultant on the client's investment objectives and budget
  • Dedicated client servicing

Our expertise

Australian and New Zealand institutions looking for Specialist Managers are able to access Amundi's core competencies and products, managed by Amundi's overseas based investment teams, such as :

  • Global Fixed Income, Credit & Emerging Market Debt
  • Currency 
  • Absolute Return 
  • Emerging Market, Global & European Equities
  • Alternative Investments
  • Volatility 

Regardless of the fund manager location, your client relationship manager is based in Australia and works closely with the fund manager to keep you updated on the management of your portfolio on a regular basis.

Amundi Australia, established since 2007

Notice to members

Please be advised PricewaterhouseCoopers (“PWC”) has resigned as auditor of Amundi Asset Management Australia Limited (“the company”). The regulator has consented to this request.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has been replaced by Ernst & Young as the statutory auditor of the company.

The appointment of Ernst & Young is thought to provide consistency of approach with the Parent company’s auditor. This will also facilitate the appointment of PWC as the companies tax advisor (if required and accepted). It was also based upon the premise that the incoming auditor also provided audit opinions on Derivative Risk Statements as required under existing client mandates.

Any queries in regard to this notice should be directed to the company’s COO at  

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(1) Amundi figures as of 31 December 2016